Let kids explore, see how high they soar!

For years, we've envisioned a space where education transcends traditional frameworks, nurturing not just academic excellence but holistic growth for our children and our community. This vision, born from a personal journey to find the best educational path for our son and like-minded families, has now taken form as Apogee Cincinnati. Here, we're not just teaching for today but building a supportive, innovative community for tomorrow. Join us in making this long-held dream a reality, where every child can explore, learn, and grow beyond boundaries.

“The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn …and change.”

- Carl Rogers

It Starts With Why

We believe that while everyone should have access to high quality, holistic education, that is not what all of our public schools are providing.


We are yin and yang. We blend the masculine and feminine, the physical and the social emotional. We have long dreamed of creating a community education hub. Now is the time.

We have a son who is approaching school age, and we want to make sure that he, and other young people like him, have the kind of school that will coach them to explore their interests, care for their bodies and minds, and create a life they love.

What makes Apogee Cincinnati different?

Traditional School

  • Teachers lecture and work to "fill the students" with knowledge

  • Success measured by grades

  • Standardized tests and rote memorization

  • Assembly line organization

  • Early 20th century teaching methods

Apogee Cincinnati

  • Collaborative environment with mixed age classrooms

  • Real world skills developed through project based learning and Socratic discussions

  • Set and achieve individualized goals

  • Student-led learning with the support of a facilitating teacher

  • 21st century technologies allow for self-paced learning



“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to

have tried to succeed.”

–Theodore Roosevelt-